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CrystalPower is a Minecraft modification that brings two great aspects into the game: advanced redstone circuitry and elemental crystals.

These cables are different from other common cable mods. Not only can they be placed freely in 3D space - similar to other cables - but they also allow you to extremely precisely define where the power flows. The cables won't automatically connect to each other, you'll have to tell them to do so by yourself. But this is exactly what enables you to create compact circuits! Read more on cables on the respective wiki page.

The other aspect of the mod, the crystals, are mysterious phenomenoms in the World of Minecraft that randomly are spawned during world generation. They immediately begin to alter the environment in many different ways. Some are hazardous, others can be used to your benefit. All can be used to power your advanced circuits. Read more on crystals on the respective wiki page.

Help expanding this wiki! I am still in high school and developing this mod takes a lot of time. Precious time that is scarce anyways. I will add lacking information where necessary since I am undoubtly the person with the greatest insight in the intestines of the mod.

Have fun playing! :D

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