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The coil component is the complement of the diode with respect to the redstone repeater: it introduces a 10-step delay to advanced circuitry and reserves the magnetic field for the future. Each step delays the power propagation by one tick.

The coil is rendered slightly wider than the cable and is partially covered depending on the pickup head which can be set by activating it.


Like the switches, the coil can only be placed in 3 different orientations depending on the direction you are facing when using the item:

  • up-down
  • north-south
  • east-west

Setting the delayEdit

Activating the coil sets the delay. The delay depends on where you activate the coil. Only 8/10th of the center of the coil can be activated, everything beyond will result in no or full delay of 10 ticks respectively.

The respected activation coordinates for the different orientations are:

Orientation Coords-Axis
Up / Down Y
North / South


East / West X

The coil does not consider whether it is placed west-east or east-west or any other set of complementary orientations. In both cases of a pair, the coil will have the same orientation and controls.