Recipe: Cable

The cable is the basic power transmitting component in advanced circuits. It serves as the foundation of many other components with specialized behavior.

A generic cable makes use of our custom InvisibleTileEntity API resulting in minor and major bugs. See the linked page for more information.

The recipe will change once rubber is implemented. I still need to look into how to share such resources with other redstone mods in order to avoid duplicates.

Cables generally do not directly accept power from regular redstone wire. To be powered cables need to be connected to a source. Such a source in turn could directly accept regular redstone's power like the Redstone Converter. Also attachable blocks like torches and levers will not attach to these.

Since cables do not directly accept power from regular redstone, they also do not directly power regular redstone. However, cables do provide blocks with the connected side considered "full" with regular redstone power which in turn can indirectly power redstone wire.

Similar to other mods, cables handle more than 15 units of power. During propagation, only 0.5% of the power is lost resulting in infinite transmission routes. However, everything below 1 power unit will have no effect on regular redstone devices and components leading power below 0.2 units will not be rendered as powered. Some other components even require a minimum power strength in order to function effectively blocking propagation.


Usage of cables is more difficult with other mods and can be tedious. However this is exactly what distinguishes these cables from others. The complexibility of the controls allows the player to precisely specify where current flows enabling not only 3-dimensional set-ups but also very compact circuits as two cables can be laid directly next to each other without influencing the other.

Placing a cableEdit

Placing a cable can be done in several ways when the item is used:

  1. The activated block is not a cable itself, or
  2. The activated block is a cable itself and:
    1. the cable already is extended in this direction, or
    2. the player is sneaking.

When a cable is placed, it will automatically connect to neighbors only if they are extended in the direction of the newly placed cable. It will also decrease the stack size.

Extending a cableEdit

Extending a cable is done with the same item but doesn't consume it. Simply activate the side of the cable to extend it. Complementary a non-cable block next to the cable can be activated in order to connect the cable to the clicked block. This is useful if you cannot reach the respective side of the cable.