Advanced Circuitry refers to special types of redstone devices. The entire circuitry is based on new redstone cables that differ from other common other cables. See the respective wiki page for detailed information.


Cables serve as the very foundation of advanced circuits. There is no new power source. Simple redstone power providers like the torch, button or lever function as power source. The advanced circuitry is designed to merge nearly seamlessly into the vanilla circuitry.

Whenever two powered cables join into one, their power will be added together and continue flow to where no power comes from. If there is more than a single flow direction the power will be divided equally.

Other components are based upon the standard cable. The entire circuitry has been designed to be easily expanded. Sooner or later I will publish an API that will allow you to create and share your own components.

The Basic GatesEdit

All 7 basic gates are implemented. Some are compositions of components.

  • AND Gate
  • OR Gate
  • XOR Gate
  • NOT Gate
  • NAND Gate
  • NOR Gate
  • NXOR Gate

All these gates resemble the foundation of circuitry in general, even in the real world. Due to the nature of the mod, they slightly differ from the Vanilla gates. For example, a NOT Gate resembles two inputs and one output, similar to the AND Gate. When Input A is true, Input B (always true) will be directed to the Output; effectively the output has the power of Input B. Otherwise the output is 0.

Read more on these basic gates on the respective Wiki Page.


The circuit is made up of different components that all have special uses. See the components wikia page for more information and a list of current and in-development components.

Combining advanced circuits with crystalsEdit

It is planned to allow cables transfer elemental charges from crystals. Different power control components will in future allow for even more compact circuits as elemental charges can be converted into regular redstone power just as well.

Extracting elemental charges from a crystal requires a special advanced circuitry device. The crystal is, similar to the redstone torch, a perpetual motion maschine, meaning it infinitely generates power. You'll never worry about sucking out the last charge of a crystal.

Converting elemental power into redstone power does not require any additional devices or components.